Here at Serenity Light Recovery, we have developed an aftercare program available to all clients who successfully complete treatment for one year, post-discharge. Aftercare is a general term for those services and activities used to maintain sobriety after discharge. For some clients, aftercare may be part of a lifelong health plan, where their needs will change, with time. Serenity Light Recovery’s aftercare program consists of a weekly aftercare group meeting, which will be the foundation of connecting with others at sober events and activities. Following up with others in a similar stage and path of recovery assists in accountability, as well as helps to foster new friendships.

Types of Aftercare Treatment:

  • Scheduled aftercare group: This is a formal group lead by a recovery coach 1x a week, here at Serenity Light Recovery. (This group is held every Saturday at 9:00 am)
  • Recovery coaching
  • Sober living homes
  • Intensive outpatient (IOP): This is an 8-week program facilitated by a therapist at Serenity Light Recovery. Our IOP meets on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
  • General outpatient therapy

*General outpatient therapy refers to meeting with an individual therapist outside of Serenity Light Recovery, sometimes once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your needs.

Relapse prevention strategies will continue to be developed in your aftercare group. These include emotional development, goal-setting, stress management, and life skills, in relation to employment, financial, and family needs. During this stage of recovery, learning to utilize healthy outlets, activities and social skills are extremely important for relapse prevention and your aftercare group will provide all of these outlets.

Your counselor and recovery coach will work with you in establishing an aftercare plan that meets all your needs. Aftercare is a key component to living a successful life of recovery and sobriety. It will serve as your foundation. It is the bridge which will help you keep hold of the things that you have learned and gained as you embark on this journey of recovery.

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Our Aftercare Program and Alumni Outreach Program:

All Serenity Light Recovery clients who complete treatment successfully will be members of our alumni program for life and will be eligible to attend alumni meetings on a weekly basis. We encourage our alumni to attend alumni events and Serenity Light Recovery 12-step meetings, where they will have the opportunity to share their experience, strength, and hope with others newly in recovery. We will assist the client with continued self-care by offering peer recovery coach services for up to one year, upon successful completion of our treatment program. These services include learning how to schedule, plan, and organize in the recovery phase, while navigating common barriers and obstacles to successful recovery.

SLR Recovery Coaches for Aftercare Treatment

Our recovery coaches for our aftercare program encourage and support positive change. They help individuals returning home from treatment avoid relapse. Our main objective is to build community support for recovery by working on life goals such as relationships, work, education, etc. to help you identify those personal and environmental obstacles to recovery. Our recovery coaches are certified by the Texas State Board of Addiction Professionals and International Certification. When you get to Serenity Light Recovery, you will be greeted by a recovery coach, who will be by your side for the duration of your stay and will continue to stay in contact with you for one year upon successful completion!

A recovery coach is a:

  • Motivator and cheerleader (encourages and celebrates achievements)
  • Ally and confidant (listens and cares)
  • Truth-teller (gives honest feedback)
  • Problem solver (helps resolve personal and environmental obstacles to recovery)
  • Resource broker (links individuals with all the contacts and support to aid recovery)
  • Advocate (helps individuals and families navigate the service system and protect rights)
  • Lifestyle consultant (assists in developing sobriety based rituals of daily living)

The benefits of having a recovery coach:

  • Coaches can help guide you through delicate life experiences, such as recovery from addiction, as well as other life occurrences
  • A recovery coach can help you gain insight into the patterns that are getting in the way of creating a better life
  • Coaching is a form of learning through one-on-one teaching
  • Support in reaching your goals and achievements

The job of a Recovery Coach at SLR:

  • Help you with orientation and introduction to SLR
  • Introduce you to your primary counselor, aid in treatment planning, and host sessions for additional goal setting
  • Help you create a wellness plan that best fits you. We will be your support throughout your entire stay at SLR as well as one year after completion
  • Be a gentle guide to help you get reestablished and assist you in obtaining your new life goals, in recovery

A recovery coach is not:

  • 12-step sponsor
  • Therapist (we do not diagnose or probe undisclosed issues)
  • Nurse or doctor (we do not give medical advice)

Recovery is achievable, and understanding the importance a complete aftercare plan is an achievement in itself. For the aftercare Houston residents need to stay on track, head to Serenity Light Recovery today. Call us at 855.658.6109 to speak with our family of staff to learn about Serenity Light Recovery.

We look forward to meeting you!

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