Discharge planning from rehab begins as soon as the client arrives at treatment. It’s imperative that we start working on plans to transition to a lower level of care at admission. We want to make sure that our clients have a smooth transition into society when they leave Serenity Light Recovery. Each Substance Abuse Discharge Plan includes assessing the need for aftercare services, and where the client will go when they leave treatment.

During treatment, clients will meet with recovery coaches and therapists, along with other members of the clinical team to formulate a plan that best suits the client’s recovery.
The recovery coaches help clients have a voice and empower them to make positive choices in recovery. Discharge planning will aid in establishing a network of support, including an aftercare plan which can consist of an intensive outpatient group (IOP), an aftercare group, alumni support, and recovery support groups established throughout the greater Houston area and other areas of the state and country, depending on where the client will be transitioning to after treatment.

Relapse Prevention Plans

Discharge and relapse prevention plans will be practical, realistic, and maximize available community resources for the benefit of the client. All services a client participates in will help determine their discharge planning from rehab at the end. Some of our services include:

  • Pharmacogenomics (PGX)
  • EMDR therapy
  • Biosound
  • Biofeedback
  • Yoga
  • Dietary planning
  • Physical fitness training
  • Trigger awareness
  • Process groups
  • Education classes
  • Individual therapy

Our hope is that the client will continue to build on these skills once they are successfully discharged from treatment. Serenity Light Recovery offers support to the client through certified peer recovery coaches, who play an integral role in the continuum of care by following the client for a year after treatment while assisting them with the transition from Serenity Light Recovery to life after treatment. Recovery coaches also support the client in continuing to develop their new relapse prevention skills and relapse prevention needs.

Client discharge and relapse prevention plans may include things such as:

  • following up with a family care physician
  • attending IOP
  • finding a home
  • locating sober living
  • encouraging daily meditation and/or exercise

We also encourage the client to attend 90/meetings in 90 days, meet with a therapist regularly, daily journaling, medication compliance, daily mindfulness, and sober fun activities. Serenity Light Recovery’s trigger awareness program helps the client develop relapse prevention skills and strategies that will play a vital role in preventing relapse.

Serenity Light Recovery’s medical staff of physicians and nurses will also be part of the team working closely with the client in developing a discharge and relapse prevention plan. The physician’s focus will be on addressing the client’s medical, mental health, and relapse prevention needs with the proper referrals for after treatment. Serenity Light Recovery’s team of professionals has established a referral network of specialists, including but not limited to trauma therapists, addiction therapists, family therapists, addiction psychologists, and physicians who understand addiction.

father and son after successful discharge planning from rehab

What Makes Serenity Light Recovery’s Discharge and Relapse Prevention Planning Different than Others?

  • Our family of staff understands the dynamics of creating an effective discharge and relapse prevention plan.
  • Our physicians and medical staff understand the brain processes in the disease of addiction and have many years of experience with how the brain heals from the destruction of drugs/alcohol, bringing an understanding of how to treat and allow the brain to heal.
  • Recovery coaches will walk the client through treatment, as well as their discharge and relapse prevention plans.
  • Our alumni and aftercare groups are designed to allow the client to have fun in recovery.
  • Our referral program is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.

It’s our duty to encourage our clients to embrace this journey of recovery. We also strive to empower them to make the choice to follow through. The road to recovery can be a difficult journey, but it is one that we take seriously. Your journey does not end with your treatment, and we remain committed to your successful recovery. Discharge planning from rehab is a crucial step in ensuring your treatment is a success. To learn more about our Substance Abuse Discharge Plan, call SRL today at 855.658.6109.

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