woman enrolling in the alcohol detox houston residents trustsPeople come to recovery in their own way, but everyone should begin with detox. Ridding your body of drugs and alcohol gives you the necessary clean slate to start rehab. Are you trying to overcome alcohol dependency or addiction? Your first step should be an alcohol detox Houston offers. A professional facility will help you get through this first phase of recovery safely so you can focus on the rest of your treatment.

The Need for Detox and Rehab

Before you begin various therapies and programs to reach recovery, you must first rid your body of alcohol. To do so, you must abstain from drinking while the remainder of the substance leaves your body. However, this process can feel impossible on your own. Your body will go through withdrawal due to its physical dependence on the substance. A professional alcohol detox will provide you with the medical assistance and emotional support you need to complete this major first step towards lasting recovery.

What to Expect During the Alcohol Detox Houston Offers

Within several hours of your last drink, you will begin to feel withdrawal symptoms. Your experience will vary from others depending on how often and how much you drank. During alcohol detox, you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Severe mood swings

The first one to three days will be the most intense. After that, symptoms gradually decrease. The team at our facility will be by your side to help you manage any discomfort you might experience. Once detox ends, you can turn your focus to completing the rest of your treatment plan.

Can’t I Just do Alcohol Detox at Home?

While detox is a relatively simple process, it can come with risks, especially for long-term drinkers. Some withdrawal symptoms are life-threatening, so detoxing alone is not recommended. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be very intense which can cause you to drink again to relieve the pain. This can and will undo the progress you have made and force you to start detox over.

Also, alcohol detox only touches on the physical side; it does not address why you turned to alcohol abuse in the first place. Without getting to the core issues of addiction, your chances of relapse are high. You can start with the alcohol detox Houston residents trust.

Help for Houston and Beyond at Serenity Light Recovery

The right alcohol detox in Houston can genuinely change your life or that of someone you love. Maybe you are a Texas native who wants nothing more than to rehab in familiar surroundings. Or, you may be from another state, looking for a fresh start in a new environment.

Whatever your background might be, consider the premier drug and alcohol addiction treatment that Houston residents can turn to, Serenity Light Recovery.

A Beacon of Hope and Light

Our addiction treatment facility is on ten beautiful acres in Angleton. We provide a range of services for men and women who want to leave drug and alcohol dependency behind.

Along with alcohol detox Houston needs, we offer residential and intensive outpatient programs. Other services include:

Yoga and fitness therapy, along with nutritional counseling, promote wellness for clients in long-term recovery, integrating their minds, bodies, and spirits.

High-quality substance abuse treatment Houston and surrounding communities trust can help you reach your full potential and get back to living. To begin alcohol detox Houston trusts, contact the friendly team at Serenity Light Recovery today at 855.658.6109 to begin your own road to healing.