Breaking free from a drug or alcohol addiction can feel like an overwhelming task. Sometimes, it is just as overwhelming to weed through the many recovery options and find the right place to start. A Houston detox center may be the right choice, even if you don’t live right in Houston. Explore what Serenity Light Recovery can offer, and let it guide your decision about finding the right recovery options.

Start Recovery With a Full Medical Detox

man starting the process of entering a houston detox centerDetox is not the be-all or end-all of the recovery process, but it can be a critical first step. Without a full detox, clients won’t be able to make progress that can last.

A medical detox allows clients to have medical supervision while going through withdrawal. This is key for safety, but it can also go a long way in increasing comfort. While detox and withdrawal are necessary, recovery isn’t punishment. Taking advantage of resources that can make detox easier and more pleasant is always a smart choice.

Look For a Variety of Treatment Programs

No two people are the same. With that in mind, it’s vital for any Houston detox center to offer a wide variety of treatment programs. Detox is necessary across the board, and residential care can be extremely effective. Beyond that, a client should have access to multiple types of treatments and therapies.

For a large percentage of clients in recovery, mental health support is necessary. That means dual diagnosis programs should always be available. An engaging 12-step program is also a smart choice, and there should be religious or non-religious options to appeal to all types of clients. As you’re searching through the drug alcohol detox programs Houston has to offer, look for plenty of variety and steer clear of one-size-fits-all programs.

Why a Houston Detox Center?

If you live right in Houston, then what a medical detox Houston Texas offers might be an obvious choice. However, heading just outside of Houston could be the ideal option. Leaving your current environment can be a way to remove the familiar temptations and establish a new routine in a new setting.

Serenity Light Recovery offers treatment in Angleton, which is just 45 minutes away from Houston. It still provides the convenience of a Houston detox center, but it also delivers a fresh start. Clients from across Texas and even across the country can benefit from a recovery in a brand new setting.

Aftercare Opportunities

Residential programs are often an average of 30 days long but don’t think that recovery ends after a month. While 24/7 care might be over after 30 or 35 days, true recovery takes time. That’s why it is so important to look for detox and treatment centers that can offer aftercare options.

Many clients will benefit from ongoing support. In the weeks and months following rehab, clients deserve continuing coaching and help as they navigate the world of relapse prevention.

What to Expect at Serenity Light Recovery

At Serenity Light Recovery, clients can look forward to comprehensive care and lots of support. The foundation is an evidence-based curriculum, but there are also plenty of ways to branch out and explore alternative methods for total recovery. Some of the many treatment methods available to clients include the following:

A Houston detox center that is just outside of the city can blend convenience and appeal. If you’re ready to tackle addiction once and for all, Serenity Light Recovery can serve as a beacon of light and hope. Take the next step by call 855.658.6109.