Is today the day you decide to make a change? Are you ready to break the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse? No matter the substance, recovery is possible for you. A medical detox Houston provides can help you make that first crucial step towards treatment and lasting recovery.

Detox as a First Step

woman entering the medical detox houston offersOnce you decide to get clean, what happens next? You’ll go through detox, preferably in a qualified treatment facility. There, medical professionals will monitor you as the addictive substances leave your body.

It’s just not enough to go through detox and avoid rehab. People who go that route often wind up relapsing and having to start all over again. Instead of continuing down that road, make detox the first phase of your complete recovery journey.

Detox takes about one to two weeks. However, this isn’t the end of your journey. It’s only the beginning. While detox is vital for ridding you of drugs and alcohol, it doesn’t get to the core issues of substance abuse. That’s what rehab does, with a combination of addiction counseling and education. After you detox, you’re ready to take that big step into the rest of your recovery.

What Is Medical Detox?

Maybe you know that detox can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. You’re worried about the withdrawal symptoms you’ll experience, especially if you’ve been through detox before. It is important to seek help when you are ready to detox. This way, you can avoid using again to ease the symptoms.

In a qualified medical detox program, clinical staff provides constant supervision. They treat your physical and mental health as priorities, offering client-specific care depending on what you’re detoxing from.

One of the best aspects of detoxing in a treatment center is knowing that you’re safe and surrounded by professionals who place a premium on your comfort and health. In some cases, medical detox may include assistance for clients whose withdrawal symptoms are especially complicated.

Medical Detox Houston Needs

Are you looking for Houston-area detox and rehab facilities? Angleton-based Serenity Light Recovery has the medical detox Houston residents need.

We’re in an ideal location for people throughout Texas and beyond. Whether you’re a local who prefers to stay close to home or you’re from another state and want to start over in a brand new environment, we understand.

Our detox program is designed to get our clients ready for the next part of rehab. You may need residential treatment, or outpatient programs could be right for you. We’re here to give every client the individualized care he or she needs as they work toward lasting sobriety.

Find your Light with Serenity Light Recovery

Serenity Light Recovery offers medical detox Houston residents need, and we do a lot more. We believe that overcoming addiction involves much more than simply detoxing. That’s why we take a comprehensive, integrated approach to substance abuse treatment in Houston, TX.

Our addiction therapy services include:

You’ll learn why you turned to drug and alcohol abuse. Also, you’ll learn better ways to handle the tough times and bad days that everyone experiences. Instead of using, you can express your creativity, exercise, or simply meditate.

We’ll also make sure you have a solid relapse prevention plan when you return home.

For high-quality, compassionate substance abuse treatment and the medical detox Houston trusts, turn to Serenity Light Recovery. Our family is ready to help you make that leap into whole-body health. Make a positive difference in your life. Contact Serenity Light Recovery today by calling 855.658.6109.