Few things scare people addicted to meth. But meth detox strikes fear in their hearts and minds. This fear comes from knowing the depth of discomfort that awaits if they don’t gain the right help for withdrawal. But with medical supervision and support from Serenity Light Recovery, you can get through withdrawal and into recovery.

Why Is Meth Detox So Uncomfortable?

evidence of the need for a meth detox centerStopping meth after addiction leads to a wide range of mental and physical withdrawal symptoms. People who use the drug frequently for an extended period of time undergo the worst meth detox. Although these symptoms prove painful and traumatic, you can end your meth addiction with the right help.

You should never attempt meth detox alone. You need medical supervision, medications and caring professionals monitoring your health. Through these services, you avoid the worst possible symptoms and health complications of the process. You also enjoy a higher chance of success in detox without relapse.

Through help from a meth detox center, you gain the support and care you need to achieve sobriety. This support takes place for 24 hours per day and seven days per week. So you never find yourself alone, isolated or untreated. In a quality meth detox center, you gain the nutrition, hydration, medications, and support for a healthy start to recovery.

Symptoms of Meth Detox

In a meth detox center, your symptoms of withdrawal do not feel as severe as those of someone without this help. But the symptoms still vary widely from person to person. People taking care of you must consider your individual mental and physical health problems, drug history and other factors, to provide you with the best care.

Symptoms treated in a meth detox center include:

  • Fatigue and insomnia
  • Paranoia, agitation
  • Hallucinations
  • Increased appetite
  • Red, itching eyes
  • Lost motivation and suicidal thoughts
  • Incoherent speech

No one wants to go through these symptoms alone. That is why meth detox center help proves so invaluable during this important process. Simply having access to therapies and medications during your withdrawal makes the whole process easier. You also enter sobriety with a more positive attitude and start looking forward to your rehab treatment and recovery.

Preparing for Meth Rehab with Meth Detox

Detox cleans the drug and its toxins from your body and brain. This makes you sober for the first time in a very long time. But only in rehab treatment do you gain true meth recovery. Meth addiction treatment helps you learn how to live without the drug and maintain healthy sobriety.

In your substance abuse, you forgot how to live a healthy life. You no longer have positive life skills or healthy habits to fall back on, after regaining sobriety. So the learning that takes place in rehab plays a significant role in whether you stay sober or relapse out of frustration.

Programs, support, and therapies of a quality rehab program include:

  • Medical detox
  • Residential and intensive outpatient rehab treatment
  • 12 step program
  • CBT and EMDR behavioral therapies
  • Family programs
  • Holistic methods, such as yoga and fitness

Your healthy recovery takes place in substance abuse treatment Houston at Serenity Light Recovery. Serenity Light Recovery helps you through medically supervised meth detox, continuing through a range of therapies in rehab treatment. With Serenity Light Recovery’s help, you can stop abusing this dangerous drug. Call Serenity Light Recovery today at 855.658.6109 to learn more about putting meth addiction into your past.