Back in the early 2000s pharmaceutical companies advised physicians that writing prescription painkillers would not be a risk to the client. In other words, the risk for addiction was very low, they said. Based on this advice, physicians wrote thousands of prescriptions to people with complaints of pain. Sometimes the complaints were serious; other times the pain issues were mild. It wasn’t until several years later that the drug crisis began to skyrocket, and opioid painkillers were at the heart of the epidemic. The need for a prescription drug detox center in many big cities was evident.

How Addiction to Prescription Painkillers Works

We will discuss two situations in which people get addicted to painkillers and require a painkiller addiction treatment program.

People with pain

woman looking at bottle of pills needs a prescription drug detox center

Some people have a legitimate pain problem. Maybe they’ve experienced a life-changing car accident or have a degenerative disease. A physician gives them pain medication to keep their pain under control, but over time they become addicted to it.

Addiction begins with tolerance. The person’s body becomes used to the medication, and it no longer works for them the same way anymore. Therefore, they increase the amount they’re taking. For a while, this works, but in time, this amount is no longer effective. So, they increase it again, or some people begin doing the drug in the wrong manner. They will crush it and take it to feel the effects more rapidly, or they will inject it. If they try to stop taking the medication, they experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. They need the aid of a prescription drug detox center.

People without pain

Then you have people who don’t have any issues with pain, but want to take painkillers just for the “high.” They may have obtained them from a friend or loved one in the past, stolen them from a spouse who had a prescription or bought them illegally on the streets. Whatever the case may be, they are clearly abusing the medication from the start.

How Does Drug Detox Work?

During drug rehab at a prescription drug detox center in Houston, you will be monitored as you withdraw from the painkillers. Trained professionals will watch over you to ensure you are safe and comfortable. The detox process may last between 30 and 90 days depending on how severe your symptoms are.

After detox, clients benefit from joining therapy sessions. Both one-on-one therapy and group sessions are recommended to prevent relapsing. During therapy, you’ll prepare to step back into the real world. You may even join classes that discuss life skills since many people who are caught up in addiction lose valuable learning along the way.

Introducing Serenity Light Recovery

Welcome to Serenity Light where our goal is to offer hope, healing, and inner peace for those in need. Our mission is to guide you in your quest to start life anew. With compassionate therapists at your side, you will find the pathway to a brighter future. Using evidence-based therapy modalities, we support a comprehensive healing program.

From the broad range of therapy programs that we have available, those struggling with addiction issues find one that will lead them to a light-filled life. Some of our therapies programs include:

Find freedom from your addiction and discover new hope when you participate in a prescription drug detox center. You can overcome your addiction with the aid of supportive staff. Contact us at 855.658.6109, and we’ll get you on the right pathway to health.