Serenity Light Recovery’s Drug Rehab Program includes an optional Faith Based track that offers multiple scripture and faith based recovery groups. Our faith based drug rehab track supports those seeking and searching out God’s grace to overcome and conquer addiction, through a higher power.

faith based recovery programs

Importance of Faith Based Recovery Programs

For many, faith is a way of life. Prayer and scripture help their daily decisions and provide guidance throughout life. However, faltering in these beliefs through addiction can be detrimental to spiritual individuals. Those in need of addiction treatment programs often find they feel a disconnect with God. This disconnect can make finding treatment even harder when they feel they have lost the love and guidance of God. Faith based recovery programs allow individuals to not only find treatment but find God as well.

Explore your relationship with your Higher Power

At Serenity Light Recovery our clients have the option to explore their faith and build a relationship with God. The 12 Steps are a set of spiritual principles that help individuals recover from the disease of addiction.

  • Enhancing Spirituality Classes – We encourage and invite faith in God to come alive through studying the lives of those who have had life changing spiritual experiences. We explore the Body, Soul, and Spirit connection and how often times spiritual needs are the most neglected.
  • 3rd Step Freedom Ministry – Our faith-based prayer ministry, developed by our Spiritual Director is aimed at healing and transforming negative beliefs about God, others, and self by actively praying through the biblical principles of 12 Steps. Sessions comprise of 1-2hrs with our prayer team systematically addressing guilt, shame, regret, rejection, betrayal, resentments, unworthiness, hopelessness, loss, anger, disappointments, and fears through the power of prayer.
  • Meditation Classes with topics on gratitude, self-forgiveness, contemplation, reflection, mindfulness, visualization, and staying in constant connection with God.
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Celebrate Recovery as an outside meeting
  • 12 Step Life Recovery Bible study group

Testimonials from our 3rd Step Freedom Ministry

Recovery Bible Study at our Faith Based Drug Rehab

Our Christian based drug rehab group, Recovery Bible Study, meets weekly to study recovery principles through the eyes of scripture. In this group, clients will discover the supernatural power to rise above addiction that comes through fellowship, prayer, and renewing of the mind with biblical truth. The curriculum will cover topics such as:

The 12 Steps in Scripture

Connecting the principles of 12 step with the Word of God.

The 12 Spiritual Laws of Life Recovery

These spiritual laws wonderfully highlight the irrefutable truths of recovery and scripture, while following the 12 steps. As the group delves into these laws, it will reveal the progress they have made, while also highlighting the places where growth is still needed.

The 12 Missteps of Life Recovery

These are false perceptions and assumptions that have derailed many in their recovery. These missteps reflect the flawed thinking of people who are sincerely trying to do things God’s way. Awareness is the first step to avoiding the pitfalls faced in recovery.

The 12 Gifts of Life Recovery

Hope, power, character, clarity, security, abundance, wisdom, self-control, freedom, happiness, serenity, peace

Finding Recovery at our Christian Based Drug Rehab

If you believe a faith based drug rehab is right for you, reach out to Serenity Light Recovery today. Call now at 855.658.6109 to learn more about Serenity Light Recovery and about our faith based recovery programs. You can also learn more about our addiction therapy services.

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