There’s an element to rehab that people often forget, and it’s the religious aspect. While it’s true that religion isn’t necessary for rehab to succeed, studies show that it helps. For that reason, Christian rehab centers often have a successful track record. In fact, there are many benefits to choosing a Christian center for treatment.

The Link Between Humans and Faith

woman praying at one of the Houston Christian rehab centersAs far back as people can remember, there’s been a link between humans and faith. People turn to faith to gather strength and support. It happens even more during difficult times, such as when they struggle with addiction.

For a long time, scientific research was slow in the uptake and acknowledgment of the role that faith plays. The problem wasn’t a lack of belief. Instead, it was a lack of quantitative measures.

In short, the role that religion plays in treatment wasn’t easy to define. However, studies showed that treatment philosophy typically includes religion in some capacity.

Now, science has strongly documented the link between Christian rehab centers and recovery. A review of over 200 studies shows a positive connection between addiction treatment and recovery with a spiritual approach. People achieve greater overall well-being and improved coping skills in Christian-based rehab.

Christian Rehab Centers in Houston

There’s no lack of Houston Christian rehab centers in Texas. The reason is that centers in this area have linked the connection between religion and rehab success. While not completely spiritual, many facilities tend to work religion into their programs.

However, they don’t require people to be strongly religious in order to join their programs. Instead, they just find it easier to help them recover when they have a higher power to look up to.

Getting support from a higher power is important during rehab. Once again, this higher power doesn’t have to pertain to religion per se. Some Houston Christian rehab centers use support groups as the higher power that people can turn to for support.

Benefits of Christian Recovery Centers

Aside from Houston Christian rehab centers, other types of rehab work too. If that’s the case, why should people choose Christian rehab centers over traditional ones? The reason is that they have a lot of benefits.

One of the main benefits of Christian rehab centers is that they show improved, long-term results. While most facilities can help people get clean, staying clean is another story. Once people leave rehab, they’re vulnerable to relapse. However, Christian-based rehab centers tend to have a better track record at relapse prevention.

The faith-based support groups at Christian-based rehab centers are also effective. They focus their core fundamentals on religion. These core values make it easier for everyone in the groups to relate to each other.

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