Our family program is essential to help rebuild broken bonds between our clients and their family members. However, we realize that each family we see is different in their own way. To better serve our clients and their families, we ask that you fill out our family program questionnaire. We ask that you take our reflection questionnaire as you begin to explore your program options.

Our staff recommends that you take time to pause and reflect on your responses to our family program questionnaire. Serenity Light Recovery also remind our participants of the reflection questionnaire that the process is voluntary. However, the more information we have, the more effective our program will be. Participants should never feel pressured into responding in our questionnaire. They should also never feel ashamed about their responses. Please send this reflection questionnaire back with the Family Program RSVP Form to [email protected].

We strive to be your beacon of

Hope and Light

Our family program is one of the many helpful and effective services we offer at Serenity Light Recovery. To learn more about our addiction therapy services, reach out to our family today. Call us today at 855.658.6109 to learn more about Serenity Light Recovery. Find out how other services can pair with our family program to provide you with the best possible treatment. Don’t let addiction continue to keep you from having healthy and fulfilling relationships with your family members. Give yourself a second chance at the life you deserve and let Serenity Light Recovery become the beacon of light and hope you need.