Fentanyl is probably one of those most dangerous and widely available drugs on the streets of America today. One of the major problems that complicate the fentanyl problem is that many people who end up overdosing from it don’t know they’ve even taken it; that’s because drug dealers are mixing fentanyl in with other drugs such as heroin. However, other people do fentanyl recreationally, which is dangerous and habit-forming. When people start down the pathway of fentanyl use, they require the aid of fentanyl addiction treatment. Through a heroin addiction treatment center in Houston, people can find freedom from this deadly drug.

Is Fentanyl a Prescription Drug or Street Drug?

Fentanyl is both a prescription and an illegally made drug. First, let’s look at its prescription use.

woman talks to therapist about fentanyl addiction treatment

Prescription use Fentanyl

Physicians only rarely write a prescription for fentanyl because it is such a powerful medication. It is up to 100 times more powerful than morphine. One use for the medicine is after serious surgery. This would be when pain is so severe that regular opioid pain medication won’t work. In addition, the medicine may be prescribed for people with chronic pain who are tolerant to opioids —possibly to those with cancer pain and so on.

Illegally-made Fentanyl

People concoct fentanyl in superlabs. Sometimes they make it here in the United States, and other times it’s created in other countries and brought over to sell on the streets. It can come in various forms such as a powder, on blotter paper, in nasal sprays, and in a pill form. As mentioned earlier, many drug dealers are mixing fentanyl in with drugs like heroin to cut their costs because it’s inexpensive to make. However, this creates a grave risk for people doing other drugs. They may do an amount that is similar to what they are used to but because of the added, highly-powerful fentanyl overdose is possible.

How Does Fentanyl Drug Treatment Work?

When participating in fentanyl addiction treatment, you will follow through a course of action that puts you on the path to recovery. First, your body needs to recover from the toxins of the fentanyl. Trained medical staff will help you through the withdrawal process, making the journey as comfortable as possible.

Next, you will attend therapy sessions to understand the motivations behind drug use. Through therapy, you will explore any potential mental health disorders that could have led to your drug use. In addition, therapy will teach you some of the triggers of drug use.

Finally, at a fentanyl addiction treatment program in Houston, you start life anew with the support of those who are in a similar situation. You’ll develop strategies for resisting cravings you may experience in the future.

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