woman sits on a couch talking to a therapist about hydrocodone addiction treatmentWhile hydrocodone can be addictive, help is available. Through hydrocodone addiction treatment, individuals can safely detox from the drug. During treatment, individuals can figure out the underlying causes behind their addiction and how to live a healthier lifestyle.

What Is Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone is a painkiller that doctors prescribe. While it might be a legal drug, it can become addictive. When someone gets a prescription for hydrocodone, it is normally under brand names like Lorcet, Lortab and Vicodin. Often, doctors will mix this drug with acetaminophen to provide moderate to severe pain relief.

For most of the last decade, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) ranked hydrocodone as the most prescribed opioid in the country. Each year, doctors prescribe billions of these pills. While hydrocodone is useful for pain when people take it correctly, it can also cause dangerous side effects and lead to substance abuse.

Signs of Hydrocodone Abuse

When someone has an addiction, it is important to find the right Houston hydrocodone addiction treatment program. The biggest challenge is figuring out if someone has a substance abuse problem. Loved ones can look for some common signs of a problem. The individual may go through financial problems, give up their favorite hobbies or become socially isolated. If they have a substance abuse problem, they may also continue using hydrocodone despite the problems it causes.

After someone develops an addiction, they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop using hydrocodone. During the withdrawal process, the individual may have symptoms like joint pain, sleeping issues, restlessness, and anxiety. and. In hydrocodone addiction treatment, individuals can get medical support as they detox.

What Happens in Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment?

Houston addiction treatment programs can help with recovery in several different ways. Initially, clients can enjoy having help with their withdrawal symptoms. Detoxing from opioids can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous, so it is important to only go through detox at a hydrocodone addiction treatment center.

Once hydrocodone leaves the system during detoxification, individuals begin the rehab process. This stage involves learning new skills and building a foundation for a successful recovery. Often, clients will get counseling to help them understand the underlying factors that contribute to their addiction. They also receive support for co-occurring disorders like mental illnesses.

With a Houston hydrocodone addiction treatment program, individuals gain peer support from everyone else who is in the program. In group therapy sessions, they can share experiences, feedback, and advice. Individual therapy helps clients look at the thought patterns and behaviors that fuel their addiction. Once someone knows what triggers their cravings and addictive habits, they can work to change them.

The hydrocodone addiction treatment program may also help improve the client’s physical well-being. This may be through nutrition classes, yoga, exercise therapy, or other options. When someone first starts an oxycodone addiction treatment program, the intake process will often include a physical exam and a review of the client’s medical history so that each person gets the exact treatment they need.

Seeking Treatment for an Addiction

Once someone recognizes that they have a substance abuse problem, they can get help. Hydrocodone addiction treatment can support the individual as they recover. At a treatment center, clients can get help through programs such as:

An addiction may seem impossibly challenging at first, but the right treatment program can make your recovery easier. If you or a loved one suffers from an addiction, we can help you find hope again. At Serenity Light Recovery, you can quit using drugs on our beautiful, 10-acre campus. To discover more information about our programs, call us today at 855.658.6109.