Addiction to opioids is a one way street to despair. The only way out of this despair and into a better life is through opioid addiction treatment. This treatment takes place in a quality detox and rehab program with a proven track record of helping people rebuild their lives. Ending your addiction is not an easy journey, but with the right help, you can create a better life.

Why You Need an Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

woman not sure about beginning an opioid addiction treatment programThinking you can achieve recovery on your own is hopeful. But this is not rational. Opioids claim tens of thousands of lives each year in the United States, as part of the drug epidemic. If recovery comes so easily, these record-breaking deaths simply would not occur.

There is no shortcut to recovery after any drug addiction. Opioids provide an even harder path, by nature of these drugs and how they affect your mind and body. To leave your addiction in your past, you need a wide range of therapies gained through an opioid addiction treatment program. In such a program, you gain an individualized treatment plan to address your specific problems and needs.

Your opioid addiction treatment program starts with medical detox. Detoxing from painkillers is as difficult as you hear on the street. But when not done right, this short-lived period of discomfort can lead to deadly relapse. So you need the right professionals around you, providing around-the-clock support and care.

What to Expect

After drug detox, your opiate addiction treatment takes you to rehab. Part-time treatment through an outpatient program is not effective for most people with these intense addictions. So you need the individualized and highly supportive care received in a residential or intensive outpatient program. Through this opioid addiction treatment, you learn how to deal with your cravings and life stress to maintain recovery before having to use these skills in everyday life.

To put things simply, opioids are everywhere. Anyone can probably obtain your drug in any part of the U.S. today. Whether through a doctor’s office or on the streets, getting a fix is not difficult.

Because of this constant access to your drug of choice, you need intensive support and care received through quality detox and rehab of an opioid addiction treatment program. Underestimating this need and trying to take shortcuts through rehab treatment only leads you back into addiction.

Therapies of Opioid Addiction Treatment

In the substance abuse treatment Houston offers at Serenity Light Recovery, you take part in a variety of therapies. These therapies teach you about your addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, or personality disorders. You build life skills and coping skills for future stability and relapse prevention. You also rebuild family relationships through a family program.

Therapies help you change your negative thoughts and behaviors for positive ones. You work past trauma or PTSD, to a more fulfilling future without trauma effects. In addition, you learn why you started abusing opioids in the first place. This helps you avoid repeating the same pattern in your future.

Opioid addiction treatment takes place in a variety of settings within your rehab program. Some therapies involve just you and a therapist in one-on-one sessions. Other therapies take place among a group of peers or your family members. You also use the 12 steps to build support around you as you rebuild a healthier life than the one you lived before.

Ending Your Opioid Addiction at Serenity Light Recovery

In Angleton, TX, Serenity Light Recovery provides the Houston opioid addiction treatment you need. Hope builds with each day you spend in treatment at Serenity Light Recovery, thanks to a mix of quality therapies. These programs and therapies include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Yoga and fitness
  • 12 step program

For the future you want beyond opioid addiction, talk to the opioid addiction treatment professionals of Serenity Light Recovery at 855.658.6109. Learn what it takes to remove yourself from the opioid epidemic and give yourself real hope for a better life in recovery by calling now.