Large cities are often prone to more drug addiction problems than a smaller town. The larger number of people is just one reason for the potential. Drug dealers may consider places like Houston a prime location to sell drugs because there are more people. The flow of drug traffic is challenging for the community. There is a risk of overdose when addiction rates are high in any city. That’s why an Oxycontin addiction treatment center is a vital part of Houston. With an oxycodone addiction treatment center, people struggling with addiction can seek help before they sink lower in despair.

What is Oxycontin?

therapist reassures client that she can get oxycontin addiction treatment

Oxycontin is a narcotic analgesic, which is a medication to relieve moderate to severe pain. It is, however, the brand name for the time-released formula of oxycodone. So, it’s very similar to oxycodone. In fact, it works just about the same except for the way it’s released into the body. Oxycontin is time-released whereas oxycodone is immediate-release. Oxycontin contains between 10 and 80 milligrams of oxycodone per pill, but it’s released over a 12-hour period. This allows clients using it to have regular relief without having to ensure that the 4 to 6 hour time period has passed before taking the next pill.

Percocet is an example of an oxycodone medication that is immediate release. It has between 2.5 and 10 milligrams of oxycodone in one pill.

Oxycontin and Addiction

Since Oxycontin has so much more oxycodone in one pill, it has a high potential for abuse. People who use or obtain the drug illegally crush up the pill and snort or inject it. By crushing it up, users eliminate the time-release ability and get immediate results. That means they are getting an extremely high amount of oxycodone at one time.

People say oxycontin gives a euphoric rush; this makes it easy to become addicted to the drug and the need for oxycontin addiction treatment.

Oxycontin and Treatment

At an oxycontin addiction treatment program in Houston, users will go through an intensive detox program to eliminate the drugs from their system. Trained medical professionals will guide the process and provide oversight. You will have a safe setting with all the amenities to keep you comfortable. Medical staff may provide medication as needed for your withdrawal symptoms.

Therapists are on hand to provide group sessions or individual therapy. You can participate in therapies such as:

Taking these steps will prepare you for the future. You’ll discover the tools you need to fight off challenging situations you may encounter in the future. Therapy is a time for growth and development.

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