Few people intend to develop an addiction to painkillers or prescription medications. Many people start taking painkillers for a legitimate medical problem like chronic pain or an acute illness. Unfortunately, many of these drugs can quickly become addictive. Once someone has a substance abuse disorder, painkiller addiction treatment can help individuals break free from their addiction.

The Signs of an Addiction

There are many kinds of painkillers that can cause an addiction. Opiates and opioids include drugs like fentanyl, morphine, and heroin. These drugs are useful for relieving pain, but some people also take them for their calming effects. Because of these unique effects, painkillers can be habit-forming.

Woman grabbing at a pill bottle needs painkiller addiction treatment

Once someone develops a painkiller addiction, they need more and more of the same drug to achieve the same effect. Their body has a habit of taking a certain amount already, so it requires that same level to feel normal. If the individual suddenly stops using, they may quickly develop withdrawal symptoms.

After an individual realizes that they have a substance abuse disorder, they can get help in an opioid addiction treatment program. The hardest part is realizing that there is a problem. Loved ones may notice physical signs like flushed skin, needle marks, constricted pupils, and sudden sleepiness. The individual may also be impulsive or engage in risky activities.

When someone has a painkiller addiction, they may develop dramatic mood swings. Because they prioritize their addiction, they withdraw from the friends and activities they once enjoyed. Sometimes, the individual will go to multiple doctors in the hope of getting multiple prescriptions for painkillers.

Starting Painkiller Addiction Treatment

A Houston painkiller addiction treatment program helps clients get the right therapy options. Each person is unique, so they may need a treatment program to match. Some people benefit from a 12-step program while other people make better progress in a support group. Each painkiller addiction treatment program has a unique design, so it is important to find the right option.

In the Houston addiction treatment programs, clients can begin by getting intensive, focused care. Painkiller addiction treatment typically includes detox because of the withdrawal symptoms, so the first stage of treatment will generally be at an inpatient center. Afterward, clients will generally begin the rest of the rehab process.

During painkiller addiction treatment, clients get counseling for their addiction. Individual counseling helps clients learn about the basis of their addiction and underlying conditions that influence their substance abuse. In group therapy, clients will gain peer support as they share experiences and advice.

When someone quits using a drug, there are other problems to treat as well. In painkiller addiction treatment, clients may also get support for physical problems and relationship issues. Programs like yoga and nutritional support help the body recover from the damage of their addiction. Meanwhile, family counseling and relationship therapy can help clients rebuild relationships that the addiction broke apart.

Find a Beacon of Hope in Your Life

Many people struggle to overcome the challenges of an addiction, but no one has to confront this problem alone. Whether someone has an addiction to prescription painkillers or street drugs, the right help can make a humongous difference. A blend of peer support, professional counseling, and medical care can help clients begin their recovery. At a Houston painkiller addiction treatment program, clients can find options such as:

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