man and woman in a trigger awareness programDetox and rehab only start your recovery. In Angleton, Texas, your counselors and other professionals at Serenity Light Recovery understand the importance of truly knowing your addiction, inside and out. So part of your healthiest, longest lasting recovery is that of knowing your triggers. At Serenity Light Recovery, your trigger awareness program helps you understand what leads to relapse and how to prevent these triggers from messing up your sobriety.

Dealing with your triggers provides the biggest challenge in your recovery. Knowing these hurdles helps you avoid such people, places and things. Also important in trigger awareness is relapse prevention. Through your trigger awareness program, relapse prevention skills and other coping skills you learn how to stick to recovery and shut your triggers down.

Your Own Trigger Awareness Program

Trigger awareness is highly individualized. Everyone has their own issues in life, the little things that lead you down a path of thinking about drinking or using drugs. These triggers cause cravings and other red flags for your healthy recovery. But knowing your types of triggers and how to avoid them helps you win half of your battle for stable sobriety.

Relapse is not the end-all “failure” people once considered it. You learn at Serenity Light Recovery that starting recovery fresh again after relapse is important. But relapse can take you deeper back into substance abuse for the long-term if you do not work hard to prevent it. This hard work is a lifetime commitment to avoiding others who drink or use drugs, as well as coping with things that bring up unpleasant feelings.

Awareness of Your Triggers

In your trigger awareness program, you first learn to recognize your triggers. Some easily come to mind, such as:

  • Going to bars
  • Hanging out with friends who abuse substances
  • Attending parties
  • Visiting places where you once used
  • Returning to troubled relationships
  • Living around unstable people

Emotional triggers are among your biggest threats to sobriety. These prove hardest to uncover. In rehab treatment at Serenity Light Recovery, your counselors and therapists help you identify your emotional triggers. You also learn ways to manage them early, well before a relapse occurs.

Maintaining Sobriety

One of the most common examples of endangering sobriety is simply choosing to challenge yourself by being around drugs or alcohol. This dangerous ego-driven scenario can be your worst decision, as a real threat to recovery. Why challenge yourself when you truly have nothing to prove to anyone? Be kind to yourself and avoid triggers, instead of chasing after them.

Relapse prevention teaches you it is important to distance yourself from negative influences in your life, those leading to temptation. Simply stay away from people and activities where alcohol and drugs play a big role. You should also avoid people, places and things that trigger you emotionally.

Being complacent threatens your recovery. So never start believing you can handle things that trigger you. No matter where you are in sobriety or how long you have been clean, thinking you are above relapse is false. Maintain your motivation, keep up with support group attendance and stick with other recovery efforts.

Being clean and sober rewards you in every single aspect of your life. You soon learn after rehab that sober friendships even prove more understanding, client, stable and supportive, too. So focus on how being sober improves your life to avoid situations and people who drag you down. Fear of missing out is just a state of mind, but one that disrespects all you achieve in your new life.

Staying on track with your trigger awareness program gets easier over time. So, focus on what you must learn in rehab at Serenity Light Recovery. Then use what you learn to make your recovery as easy as possible.

Relapse Prevention Skills Learned Near Houston

In Angleton, Texas, you build a relapse prevention plan around the types of triggers that threaten your own recovery. Houston addiction treatment programs at Serenity Light Recovery include:

  • Full medical detox
  • Residential and IOP programs
  • 12 step recovery
  • CBT and EMDR therapies
  • Family program
  • Yoga and fitness

Start your trigger awareness program today and contact Serenity Light Recovery now at 855.658.6109. With the right knowledge and skills, you gain the life you truly want in Angleton, Texas rehab treatment.