young woman finding her hope in a womens rehab programWhen you seek treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, consider finding a treatment program specifically providing womens rehab. Men and women differ in their road to addiction, just as the outcome of substance abuse affects the genders differently. Programs suited to a woman’s needs enable you to gain stronger, longer-lasting recovery. You also naturally focus more on your program and less on the people around you.

You face many distractions in your everyday life. But in treatment, you need a clear path to follow. Womens rehab near Houston, Texas provides that path in a relaxed, safe and secure setting. You join your female peers in recovery as you support each other toward better lives.

Why a Womens Rehab Program Matter

Females struggling with drug or alcohol addiction commonly also suffer co-occurring mental health problems. Such problems include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or PTSD. For effective addiction treatment, you need your co-occurring conditions treated at the same time.

Many women do not know about their co-occurring conditions until they enter a quality treatment program. The most common of these conditions include:

  • Trauma from physical, sexual or emotional abuse
  • Domestic violence trauma
  • Crime-related post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety or panic disorders
  • Depression or other mood disorders

Women who suffer domestic violence or abuse often turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with those problems. The same is true for females with low self-esteem. All of these direct and indirect causes of addiction show why female-oriented treatment of womens rehab programs provide the best opportunity for healing.

Treatment Gained in a Womens Rehab

Womens rehab provides the same treatments as men’s rehab. But how therapists and counselors provide those treatments differs. At the very minimum, womens rehab provides females with an instant feeling of safety and security around their female peers in recovery. Around other women, women feel able to address their most personal issues without worrying about judgment.

Like men’s rehab, womens rehab provides:

  • Individual behavioral therapy
  • One-on-one addiction counseling
  • Life skills and coping skills education
  • Yoga and physical fitness
  • 12 step program participation
  • Family programs

The genders experience addiction differently, just as society holds them accountable in different ways. So women’s rehab provides individually tailored programs helping females deal with the unique problems they face. Peer group interaction in rehab helps them bond with other females on the same path of recovery. They rebuild their self-esteem and confidence toward reaching life goals.

Your Women’s Rehab Experience

For your drug or alcohol addiction problem, a womens rehab program provides the help you need. You also gain hope and inspiration for a better life through faith based drug rehab. Serenity Light Recovery offers all of this help and hope in Angleton, TX. Serenity Light Recovery’s Houston addiction treatment programs include:

When you find yourself stuck in the cycle of addiction, breaking that cycle proves difficult. But with a beacon of hope and light ahead and guiding you, you gain lasting recovery. You can rebuild your life and have the future you want. You simply need the right help, a program of therapies and other methods tailored to your specific needs.

Do you need a womens rehab? Could a loved one in your life benefit from a womens rehab program? Let Serenity Light Recovery be the beacon of light and hope you need. Contact Serenity Light Recovery today at 855-658-6109.