Some people may recognize Xanax by the generic name of alprazolam. Normally, doctors give this medication to clients who need help with anxiety, sleep disorders, or panic disorders. Like other benzodiazepines, Xanax depresses the central nervous system. If someone develops a dependence, they may need to get Xanax addiction treatment.

What Is Xanax?

Xanax is the most popular medication for psychiatric ailments in the United States. Because of this, doctors give out millions of this prescription each year. Like most drugs, Xanax has a high potential for substance abuse. Over time, people can quickly develop an addiction to benzodiazepines like Xanax.

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This drug works by boosting the effects of the brain’s GABA neurotransmitter. This neurotransmitter is vital for determining how excited the nervous system is. When someone has low GABA levels, they feel more anxiety. By reducing GABA levels, Xanax actually creates a sense of sedation and calmness.

Why Is Xanax Addiction Treatment Important?

A Houston Xanax addiction treatment program is important for anyone who develops an addiction. Ideally, Xanax only treats mental conditions safely and never becomes addictive. Many people discover that this ideal does not actually happen in real life. Unfortunately, this drug is quite addictive because it causes immediate effects that disappear after just a few hours.

Because it has fast-acting, short-term effects, Xanax has a huge abuse potential. Soon, people feel like they need to take more Xanax in order to feel normal. This can cause the individual’s tolerance to increase over time, so they have to consume even more of the drug just to achieve the same effect. Before long, they may realize that they have a dependence on the drug.

This leads to potential problems for individuals who have legitimate medical reasons for taking Xanax. When they try to stop using, they may experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Doctors often recommend that people taper off of drugs like Xanax, but some clients may also want professional Xanax addiction treatment to ease the withdrawal process.

What Happens During Treatment?

Through a Houston Xanax addiction treatment program, clients can get help countering their addiction. In general, Xanax addiction treatment includes treatment for the drug’s physical cravings as well as its mental cravings. Initially, clients go through detox to wean their body off of Xanax. Afterward, rehab follows the detox process.

Within the benzo addiction treatment program, the individual gets support for symptoms like convulsions and anxiety. Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, so it is important to only go through detox with the supervision of medical professionals. Normally, the Xanax addiction treatment center will get the client’s medical history and addiction history so that the client receives the exact support they need.

After clients finish detox, Houston addiction treatment programs can help with relapse prevention. Rehab programs focus on giving clients the tools they need to live a healthier, safer lifestyle. Counseling helps the client see their behavior and thought patterns. Rehab programs can help clients make lifestyle changes that support their long-term recovery.

Discovering Renewed Hope in the Future

With a high-quality Xanax addiction treatment program, clients can enjoy a better quality of life. These programs help clients break free of their addiction and develop a healthier lifestyle. In the treatment program, clients can discover options such as:

While treating an addiction can feel overwhelming, no one has to face this challenge on their own. Through the right treatment and supportive addiction specialists, individuals can begin overcoming their substance abuse disorder. At Serenity Light Recovery, you can create a new hope in your future. Learn more about our programs by calling us at 855.658.6109.