Residential treatment is an integral element in long-term recovery from substance abuse. For this reason, Serenity Light Recovery operates an all-inclusive campus. By accepting Aetna Health Insurance in Houston, we enable more clients to participate in long-term recovery. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Participate in Long-Term Recovery

An all-inclusive campus protects you from early relapse. A stay tends to begin the process with medical detoxification. Aetna rehab insurance coverage may then pay for your transition to residential treatment. Depending on your care needs, you may also spend some time in family program participation.

Determine How Much Aetna Health Insurance in Houston Pays

doctor and client learning about Aetna Health Insurance in Houston and Aetna rehab insurance coverageA Serenity Light Recovery intake counselor consults with Aetna Health Insurance in Houston on your behalf. This step helps you understand your available Aetna rehab insurance coverage, which makes paying for rehab easier. As you know, the insurer must cover substance abuse care in the same way it pays for other disease treatments. Therefore, there are various provisions in the different plans the company offers.

In particular, Aetna rehab insurance coverage allows for treatment customization. The emphasis is on your long-term recovery through a variety of counseling options. However, because each plan differs, it’s essential to understand what’s in your individual policy. Rather than reading through the document or spending time on the phone with the insurer, let our expert handle it.

Put Your Insurance Dollars to Work for a Return to Lifelong Sobriety

Aetna Health Insurance in Houston typically pays for residential rehab. This step is vital for long-term recovery because it removes you from an environment of triggers. Consider that one size never fits all program participants. Therefore, therapists customize your recovery experience to be as unique as you are.

Possible treatment options include:

  • Support group participation via the 12 Steps, Celebrate Recovery, or SMART Recovery
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that incorporates the management of mental illness into recovery
  • SCARS Trigger Awareness as a way to overcome stressors and triggers after rehab
  • Individual and group therapy sessions, which encourage introspection and personal development
  • Recovery fitness that empowers you to begin moving toward a healthier lifestyle
  • Spiritual advising that combines with evidence-based treatments for best results

Understanding the Power of the Support Group

Aetna Health Insurance in Houston, as well as other insurers, recognize that support groups make a difference in recovery. You choose the program that speaks to you. The 12 Steps have a long history of invoking a higher power as the origin of your strength. Moreover, they encourage you to learn from the past and move forward by making amends.

SMART Recovery embraces a self-empowerment approach. It focuses primarily on self-reliance and personal responsibility. Its goal is behavior modification for a drug-free future. Achieving it can be possible with a balanced life approach.

Even though Celebrate Recovery is a Christian program, Aetna rehab insurance coverage may still pay for it. It’s a little like the 12 Steps; however, it focuses specifically on power through Jesus Christ. Moreover, the program encourages you to acknowledge and overcome past hurts, bad habits, and individual hang-ups.

Today’s a Great Day for Making a Lasting Change

Some people wait for the right time to enter long-term recovery. Others use a change in the seasons or year to make this move. But did you know that there’s never a wrong time to enter treatment at Serenity Light Recovery?

Connect with an intake specialist today to learn about your rehab insurance coverage with Aetna Health Insurance in Houston. Call 855.658.6109 today.