It’s virtually impossible to overcome substance abuse on your own. As a chronic disease, it calls for professional intervention. If you have American National Health Insurance in Houston, it may help pay many of the costs. Here’s how to begin your personal healing process.

Let a Specialist Verify Coverage with American National Health Insurance in Houston

new client and admissions member discussing American National Health Insurance in Houston and american national rehab insurance coverageA Serenity Light Recovery intake advisor will examine your American National rehab insurance coverage. This specialist ensures that you receive the care you need to attain long-term recovery. American National Health Insurance in Houston typically makes paying for rehab easy. In business since 1905, it follows the rules of current healthcare legislation that stipulates the need for behavioral counseling coverage.

This means that each insurer must consider substance abuse as a treatable disease. Similarly, they must offer the same types of benefit options that they offer for the treatment of other illnesses. By the way, in the past, the company was included in a list of the most trustworthy companies.

Therefore, being a customer of American National Health Insurance in Houston could offer you excellent rehab insurance coverage. Our specialist helps you determine your out-of-pocket expense. This relies in large part on the plan document of your individual policy. If your American National rehab insurance coverage specifies pre-authorization, we can help you get it.

Residential Treatment Combines Creature Comforts with Evidence-Based Practices

American National rehab insurance coverage typically covers inpatient care. Residential treatment at Serenity Light Recovery takes place on a 10-acre campus. The sprawling estate only accepts 52 residents at a time. Keeping the numbers down lets you get more personalized care from treatment providers.

Stay for 30, 60, or 90 days. Because everyone heals at a different pace, American National Health Insurance in Houston usually pays for your stay. There, treatments include:

  • Dual diagnosis care that empowers you to manage mental health disorders that create substance abuse triggers
  • EMDR for trauma treatment to assist you with processing intrusive memories and unwelcome emotions
  • Massage therapy, which allows for relaxation, stress relief, and overall wellness
  • Mindfulness training that focuses on being present in the here and now
  • Group therapy as a way to work with others on relapse prevention training, psychoeducation, and social skills development
  • Individual therapy that challenges you to set goals and encourages you to take the steps toward reaching them

Of course, this is just a general outline of possible treatments. Customization is a critical element of the long-term recovery process. Therefore, you may undergo an entirely different set of modalities. Therapists work with you side-by-side to help determine your needs and match them to the right treatments.

Residential vs. Intensive Outpatient Care

Serenity Light Recovery encourages graduates from the residential rehab program to step down gradually. Doing so via the intensive outpatient care model is ideal. American National rehab insurance coverage typically pays this cost. Once again, give our specialist a chance to verify your coverage to make sure.

Because it’s a big step from residential rehab to return home, outpatient care is a safety net. You still meet at the facility four nights a week. Therefore, you have ways of dealing with stressors and triggers. Furthermore, you benefit from the social aspect of group therapy.

Check into Residential Rehab Today

It’s time to put an end to the chemical dependency that snared you. Similarly, look forward to long-term recovery that easily translates into lifelong sobriety. With the help of American National Health Insurance in Houston, it’s possible to make this goal become a reality. Contact Serenity Light Recovery today by calling 855.658.6109 now.