two insurance team members discussing Beacon Health Insurance In Houston and Beacon rehab insurance coverageChoosing rehab and taking the first steps toward sobriety is tremendously difficult. One of your concerns has to do with what’s ahead. Another one focuses on finding the funds to pay for your care. If you have Beacon Health Insurance in Houston, there’s a good chance that it’ll pay toward your recovery.

Will Insurance Pay for Rehab?

Current healthcare legislation requires insurers such as Beacon Health Insurance in Houston to cover expenses of rehab. Medical experts classify chemical dependency as a chronic brain disease. Therefore, insurance companies must cover it in the same way that they would other medical conditions. Paying for rehab is consequently a lot easier.

That said, Beacon rehab insurance coverage varies depending on the individual plan documents. While some plans will cover the lion’s share of your treatment, others require a larger co-payment. At Serenity Light Recovery, caring intake specialists assist you with verification of benefits. These experts work with your plan documents to determine how much coverage you have.

About Beacon Health Insurance in Houston

Beacon rehab insurance coverage is a provider of choice for a large number of policyholders. In 2014, the company merged with ValueOptions. It’s interesting to note that a primary focus of Beacon is the behavioral health aspect of care. Therefore, many plans have a payment structure for a complete continuum of care that ranges from detox to aftercare.

Why Is a Continuum of Care Essential for Healing from Substance Abuse?

Serenity Light Recovery therapists recognize that chemical dependency is a far-reaching disease. It affects the mind, body, and spirit. Healing begins through the detoxification of the body. We refer to it as renewal.

Medical supervision during this process is vital for protecting your health and preparing you for clinical care. Similarly, there might be medications that ease withdrawal discomfort. Most importantly, you work directly with therapists who monitor your progress and ease you into therapy sessions. Typically, you enter the second phase of our continuum of care after your first week.

You undergo a variety of addiction therapy sessions. After this aspect of care, you begin attending outside meetings. Each phase focuses on an element of healing. Examples include:

  • Behavioral counseling, which emphasizes a change in the way you react to external pressures
  • Psychotherapy that focuses on your reasons for making particular choices
  • Group sessions that combine social skills training with process meetings for addiction education
  • Family program participation that revamps how you connect with loved ones
  • Off-campus activities that begin the gradual process of transitioning you back into the community

Beacon Health Insurance in Houston may pay toward care that encompasses each of these phases. Each is an integral part of the Serenity Light Recovery care model. Therefore, therapists consider all aspects to be of medical necessity. The facility will work with Beacon rehab insurance coverage to authorize a maximum level of benefit payments under your plan.

What Happens after Rehab?

A large number of clients choose to step down care to an outpatient treatment model. It reduces the number of therapy sessions you participate in. Similarly, it increases the time you spend at work or school. Therefore, you may experience triggers and stressors on your own.

However, during your time at rehab, you learned how to address them with positive coping skills. That said, should you require additional help, the outpatient care model can help. In many cases, Beacon Health Insurance in Houston covers this part of care, too.

Make the Move

If you have Beacon Health Insurance in Houston, talk to a Serenity Light Recovery intake specialist. Find out about your individual rehab insurance coverage. Find your plan documents now to discuss Beacon rehab insurance coverage by calling 855.658.6109.