Entering rehab and learning to prevent relapse is paramount for a life free from chemical dependency. Cigna Health Insurance in Houston may pay toward your recovery at Serenity Light Recovery. Do you know what your health plan offers? Most importantly, are you ready to make a significant change in your life today?

Money Worries Shouldn’t Stand in the Way of Healing

Addiction changes you. It robs you of your quality of life. Similarly, it affects those around you. Rehab has the power to return control of your life to you.

Paying for rehab shouldn’t determine whether you can reach out for help or not. With Cigna rehab insurance coverage, you might not have to. Through its behavioral health division, the insurer acknowledges the importance of medical and clinical interventions. How can you find out whether you qualify?

Intake Advisors Help You Determine Coverage Levels for Cigna Health Insurance in Houston

As a consumer with Cigna rehab insurance coverage, you’re in good company. This firm has a global presence. In the United States, healthcare legislation requires the insurer to treat addiction the same that it would cause other chronic illnesses. Therefore, Cigna Health Insurance in Houston could be paying for detoxification, rehab, and other counseling services.

However, each plan document differs. Therefore, find out what your individual rehab insurance coverage is by connecting with a Serenity Light Recovery intake expert. This professional assists you with finding out your coverage levels. Most importantly, they answer your questions before you check in.

Why Rehab is Instrumental for Recovery from Chemical Dependency

group discussing Cigna Health Insurance In Houston and Cigna rehab insurance coverageAddiction’s a chronic condition. It’s not something you can overcome on your own with sheer willpower. Rather, you need the assistance of medical experts. Serenity Light Recovery accepts Cigna Health Insurance in Houston to allow for your program participation.

Possible treatments include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment as a way to manage co-occurring depression, schizophrenia, and other conditions
  • Guided meditation that prepares you for mindfulness practices
  • EMDR that goes with trauma treatment to help you face painful events from the past and overcome triggers
  • Individual and group therapy as a way to define your need for healing and long-term recovery
  • Family therapy that encourages open and positive communication with loved ones

During your recovery, you learn more about yourself and what caused chemical dependency to gain a foothold in your life. Most importantly, you learn how to prevent a recurrence.

How the SCARS Trigger Awareness Program Helps Prevent Relapse

Relapse is a danger when managing a chronic condition. Cigna Health Insurance in Houston recognizes this problem. Therefore, many plans pay for relapse prevention. When applying to Cigna rehab insurance coverage for funding, Serenity Light Recovery notes its SCARS Trigger Awareness Program.

It’s a unique care approach that helps you recognize, anticipate, and manage triggers. They differ for each individual. Some experience a trigger through specific music or even just a color. Others have smell-based triggers.

Emotional stimuli such as stress and anger are powerful trigger points. You recognize these sensations as being obstacles to your goal of lifelong recovery. Therefore, you devise methods for managing them. Some do so through creativity while others develop new practices through the application of coping skills.

It’s Not Enough to Want Change; You Need to Reach for It

Are you a customer of Cigna Health Insurance in Houston? Allow Serenity Light Recovery intake advisors to help you understand your Cigna rehab insurance coverage. Doing so paves the way for your participation in the long-term recovery that could completely change your life’s trajectory. Call 855.658.6109 today to reach out for assistance.