A full continuum of care takes you from detoxification to aftercare. In the process, you lay claim to long-term recovery. If you’re a member of Humana Health Insurance in Houston, paying for treatment’s easy. Here’s how you can find out today.

Recovery Doesn’t Have to Take Long

two people looking at charts about Humana Health Insurance In Houston and Humana rehab insurance coverageSerenity Light Recovery specialists routinely work with residents who go through treatment in as little as 30 days. Of course, you always proceed at your own pace. Therefore, it’s possible to stay up to 90 days if you need a little extra time. Paying for rehab is possible when you have Humana Health Insurance in Houston.

Humana rehab insurance coverage is one aspect of the specialized products the company offers. It’s noteworthy that there are significant differences between the various plans. However, any customer of Humana Health Insurance in Houston will have some coverage for chemical dependency treatment. Current healthcare legislation requires all insurers to do so.

Finding out the details of your coverage is simple. A Serenity Light Recovery intake specialist verifies your coverage options. It means that you’ll know before check-in what the details of your Humana rehab insurance coverage are. This makes planning for your stay easy and smooth.

How Humana Health Insurance in Houston Could Take You from Detoxification to Aftercare

Detoxification is always the first step in long-term recovery. It’s the point in time when you quit using. Specialists work with you to keep you safe and comfortable during this time. Possible treatments include:

  • Medical monitoring throughout the withdrawal process to protect your health and allow for doctor intervention if necessary
  • Medication-assisted treatment that minimizes pain and assists with the management of strong cravings
  • Massage therapy, which loosens cramping muscles and contributes to wellness as well as healthy sleep patterns
  • Nutritional counseling and special meal preparation that focuses on healing the body and strengthening it
  • Individual therapy that encourages your commitment to long-term recovery and helps with goal-setting

Humana rehab insurance coverage typically pays for this level of care as long as it’s medically necessary. Our intake counselor will verify this aspect of coverage as well as what this means for your individual policy.

After detox, you undergo rehab. There, you learn new coping skills that enable you to function well without a chemical crutch. Because everyone’s different, your care protocol is sure to differ from someone else’s. The same’s true for your aftercare experience.

Why Aftercare Matters

Humana Health Insurance in Houston normally pays some of the costs of aftercare. It’s a tool that you rely on to prevent relapse once you leave the facility. There are different levels of aftercare. You and your therapist decide what’ll work best for you.

For example, weekly group meetings at the rehab facility are excellent options for keeping in touch. Similarly, they continue the connection with others in recovery. Because there’s strength in numbers, it’s an essential relapse prevention tool. Most importantly, it focuses your attention on peer-to-peer accountability.

Humana rehab insurance coverage might also extend to an eight-week intensive outpatient step-down approach. It’s a great way of minimizing the need for care. Similarly, it gives you an opening to get help with stressors or triggers if you need it. Another approach is a move into a sober living facility for a while.

Take the First Step on the Road to Recovery Today

As a customer of Humana Health Insurance in Houston, you probably have generous rehab insurance coverage. Give our intake specialist the opportunity to find out for you. Contact Serenity Light Recovery today by calling 855.658.6109 now.