Right now, you feel hopeless. Substance abuse backed you into a corner. If you are a customer of Magellan Health Insurance in Houston, the company may pay toward your recovery. And long-term recovery holds the key to healing.

Addiction Robs You of Life’s Enjoyment

You never meant for things to go as far as they did. Maybe you didn’t have the facts. Perhaps the compulsion began after just one taste. No matter how chemical dependency started, Magellan Health Insurance in Houston can help it stop.

Paying for rehab shouldn’t be a worry when you need support and guidance. Renewal of mind, soul, and body doesn’t have a price tag. Most importantly, it’s essential for long-term recovery. Serenity Light Recovery wants to partner with you in your efforts to walk the path of treatment.

Magellan Health Insurance in Houston May Cover Your Stay at the Facility

Did you know that Magellan got its start as Charter Medical, a psychiatric care facility provider? It purchased Merit Behavioral Care Corporation, which boosted the company’s commitment to Magellan rehab insurance coverage. Of course, actual rehab insurance coverage in your case depends on the plan document. A Serenity Light Recovery intake consultant can help you with insurance verification.

During this process, you learn about co-pays and possible deductibles. Besides that, you find out whether enrollment in the facility’s recovery program requires pre-authorization. At that time, the specialist outlines your Magellan rehab insurance coverage details to help you plan for your stay. If you still need to meet a deductible, they’ll let you know, too.

Typical Treatments That Insurance Covers

admissions member and client discussing Magellan Health Insurance In Houston and Magellan rehab insurance coverageMagellan Health Insurance in Houston typically covers medical detoxification. This is the process of withdrawing from a substance under medical supervision. Depending on your condition, you might benefit from medication-assisted treatment. This aspect of care usually only takes about a week.

After that, Magellan rehab insurance coverage often pays for evidence-based treatments. They include:

  • Family therapy, which emphasizes the importance that loved ones have in long-term recovery
  • Individual therapy as a way to create a path to lifelong sobriety with frequent checkpoints
  • 12 Step program participation for accountability, support, and relapse prevention
  • Massage therapy, which encourages relaxation, stress relief, and healthy sleep patterns
  • Behavioral counseling that focuses on developing workable stress responses to triggers

How Family Therapy Incorporates into Healing

Behavioral consultants agree that your loved ones can be the greatest asset in healing. However, there’s frequently some damage that you and family members need to address. Magellan Health Insurance in Houston usually pays for the standard therapy that most families undergo. That said, Magellan rehab insurance coverage might also pay for our intensive three-day program.

Therapists understand that some people hesitate to participate. To put them at ease, program participants should know that this is a positive, supportive event. It’s not a time to air dirty laundry or point fingers. In contrast, your loved ones learn about addiction as a disease that has specific symptoms and treatments.

Similarly, you work together to establish healthy boundaries, roles within the family structure, and communication styles. Similarly, loved ones learn about enabling behaviors. All agree that they will stop to help make your dream of long-term recovery become a reality. Although intense, this program offers hope and healing to all participants.

Recovery is Within Your Reach

Because you have Magellan Health Insurance in Houston, you’re in an excellent financial position to pay for recovery. Why not find out how much the company will pay toward the healing process? The Serenity Light Recovery intake advisor can tell you. Call 855.658.6109 right now while you’re thinking about it.