Unwelcome thoughts make it difficult to concentrate. Intrusive emotions create awkward situations. You developed a chemical dependency because you tried to stop them. Meritain Health Insurance in Houston could help you receive the care you need to manage both situations.

Do You Have Meritain Health Insurance in Houston?

two clients discussing Meritain Health Insurance in Houston and Meritain rehab insurance coverageAs a subsidiary of Aetna, Meritain rehab insurance coverage usually is part of many plans. Your individual level of coverage varies. For example, family plans may have different options than those you receive through an employer. Therefore, it’s essential to obtain insurance verification.

Serenity Light Recovery intake consultants work with you to determine the coverage you receive through Meritain Health Insurance in Houston. This information assists you with paying for rehab. Most importantly, you understand the co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses you may incur. Because current healthcare legislation requires insurers to treat addiction as a disease, you may have generous benefits.

Many Meritain rehab insurance coverage plans pay for detoxification. A large variety also pays for inpatient as well as outpatient rehab. Some plan documents specify the need for a pre-authorization of the services. Others ask that an attending physician attests to the medical necessity of the treatments.

Attain Long-Term Recovery Through Rehab

It’s not necessary to continue in the vicious cycle that trapped you. After you finish detoxification, you move on to the rehab portion of care. There, you work with caring therapists who guide you through the recovery process. An essential element of your therapy is the customization of care protocols, which may be part of rehab insurance coverage.

Because you suffer from thoughts and emotions that trigger substance abuse, you undergo a psychiatric assessment. At that time, a specialist might determine that you have an underlying mental health disorder. Examples include anxiety or depression. Similarly, you may require trauma treatment.

At Serenity Light Recovery, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapy we use to help you. Traumatic experiences shackle you to that moment in time. It might have to do with an assault you survived or a crime you witnessed. Getting past the emotional upheaval eliminates strong substance abuse triggers.

For this reason, Meritain Health Insurance in Houston typically covers the treatment. It involves the use of eye movements to desensitize yourself to the details of the event. Several sessions follow close together to help you digest the situation that disturbed you. Although EMDR doesn’t erase memories, it helps you put them in a healthy perspective.

Of course, this treatment alone isn’t sufficient for long-term recovery. Other modalities Meritain rehab insurance coverage could pay for might include:

  • Family therapy, which focuses on finding healthy ways of communicating and interacting
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that emphasizes medication management and talk therapy
  • Exercise therapy as a way to return to a healthy lifestyle
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that assists with implementing coping skills instead of dysfunction
  • Dialectical behavior treatment, which encourages emotional regulation

Working with Your Insurer to Achieve Healing

Our consultants will work with Meritain Health Insurance in Houston to assist you with funding your therapies. They coordinate care and ensure that your insurer receives the information necessary to process your claims. Moreover, if you have unique benefits under Meritain rehab insurance coverage, the expert ensures that you receive them.

Consider that recovery is possible with the right level of care. Besides that, getting help for the traumatic event that causes significant stress can be a game changer for your life. Discuss with our intake counselors your care needs and Meritain Health Insurance in Houston today. Call 855.658.6109 now.