There’s always more to life-long recovery than meets the eye. For example, did you know that understanding the triggers for chemical dependency is just as important as treating addiction itself? UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance in Houston may help you receive the care you need. What are the details?

UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance in Houston Supports Recovery

couple discussing UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance In Houston and UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance coverageAs one of the largest health insurers at this time, you might have UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance coverage right now. It usually pays for behavioral counseling. In fact, the company created a behavioral health division to assist its customers in need of these treatments. Like many other plans, UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance in Houston covers evidence-based therapies.

Paying for rehab includes care for detoxification, inpatient treatments, and outpatient assistance. Most importantly, the insurer’s plans typically have generous rehab insurance coverage terms for all providers. However, actual co-pays and deductibles vary based on individual plan documents. Since there are many different plans and policies currently in effect, it’s essential to determine your level of coverage.

Serenity Light Recovery therapists understand that you don’t really feel up to reading your plan documents right now. That’s okay. An intake advisor can handle the insurance verification for you. Doing so ensures that you maximize your UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance coverage benefit.

What are Evidence-Based Treatments?

UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance in Houston typically doesn’t pay for experimental care. In contrast, the company does generally pay for evidence-based treatments. These show a history of helping others in your situation heal. Therefore, there’s a good chance that they will help you regain lifelong sobriety as well.

Examples include:

  • Trauma treatment for individuals with past experience-based triggers they need to work through
  • Dual diagnosis care for co-occurring mental health concerns
  • Thirty and 90-day stay at the residential care facility
  • Nutritional counseling that assists with learning how to nourish your body for healing
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on connecting healthy thoughts to emotions and actions

Most importantly, UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance coverage supports whole-person healing. Almost all plans allow for recovery fitness and massage therapy as part of your recovery treatment. Similarly, many pay for biofeedback sessions that help you become more in tune with your body. Once again, the intake specialist will help you learn which services UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance in Houston pays for.

What’s a Dual Diagnosis, and Why Does It Need Treatment?

Anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, and personality disorders are mental health conditions. Frequently, people develop symptoms. Because they don’t realize that these symptoms go back to a treatable condition, they try to manage the situation alone. Some begin to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.

Dual diagnosis treatment begins with an assessment for any such mental health disorder. If therapists uncover it, they help you learn to manage the condition. Almost all of them respond well to medication and talk therapy. Because they represent significant triggers for chemical dependency, UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance coverage normally pays for the treatment.

Without care, the condition would continue to create trigger situations. Even though you successfully overcome chemical dependency, you’d still be at risk of relapse. In contrast, after receiving care for both conditions at the same time, it’s possible to remove a significant relapse danger.

Is It Possible That You Have a Co-Occurring Condition That’s Preventing You from Enjoying Lifelong Recovery?

Don’t second-guess yourself; at Serenity Light Recovery, you undergo an assessment and find out for sure. Give our intake specialist a chance to check on your insurance plan documents. They’ll tell you how much UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance in Houston is going to pay toward your recovery. Call 855.658.6109 now.