Substance abuse has become a rapidly increasing problem in society. While there has always been an issue with substance abuse, new drugs on the market are making it easier than ever to use. With such an increase in drug and alcohol abuse, the need for treatment is more vital than ever. Substance abuse treatment Houston trusts with Serenity Light Recovery is the necessary first step for you to take to begin living life to the fullest.

Why Seek Substance Abuse Treatment?

When deciding to take back control of one’s life, most people require treatment to do so. Many individuals attempt to get sober on their own to avoid added stress to their loved ones as well as wanting to do it “their way” or “on their terms.” Traveling this journey alone is almost impossible. While making the commitment to end substance abuse takes enormous strength, one must work through the root cause of why they use in the first place to truly achieve long-term sobriety and freedom from addiction.

When embarking on a path of recovery on your own, there may be little to no support. The disease of addiction can leave a wake of burnt bridges. Our team of compassionate professionals, therapists, Recovery Coaches and medical staff comprise a complete network of support to help our clients accomplish their goals and provide the tools necessary for lasting recovery. Over 80% of our staff is in recovery and we walk this path together with empathy and understanding of recovery process. From detox to relapse prevention, we want to be the beacon of light and hope you need to accomplish every goal you set for yourself.

The detox program through Serenity Light Recovery is pivotal to substance abuse treatment. As you stop using substances, your body will begin to experience withdrawal which can be quite uncomfortable. Our medical team which includes an on-site physician, psychiatrist and team of nurses will make evaluations to determine what is needed both physically and mentally. We prescribe specific medications to safely minimize your discomfort while also providing you with mental support. Our goal is not to replace one substance with another addictive substance, but to allow the brain and body to heal, maximizing the body’s ability to restore balance.

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 Alcohol can disrupt the communication pathways of the brain, creating changes in mood and thought patterns.


The stress on the heart from alcohol abuse can result in increased blood pressure, stroke, irregular heartbeat, and cardiomyopathy.


Excessive drinking creates serious inflammation, which can lead to fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Alcohol addiction treatment can help you safely detox from alcohol and put you on the right path to sobriety. The sooner you find the help you need, the sooner you can live a full, healthy life.

Serenity Light Recovery for Treatment

The substance abuse treatment center for the Greater Houston Area, Angleton and Galveston is Serenity Light Recovery. We offer numerous program options to ensure each client receives the help they need to begin living their best life.

Some of our programs include:

We strive to be your beacon of

Hope and Light

To learn more about Serenity Light Recovery and how we can help you, call today at 855.658.6109. Learn about our substance abuse treatment options and how we can be the beacon of light and hope you need. Let us help you discover a healthy, full, substance-free life.