More than 30 U.S. states have approved marijuana for medical use. Research continues into the potential medical benefits of marijuana. At the same time, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) also says that marijuana can be addictive. According to NIDA, about 4 million people could be dependent on or addicted to marijuana. You can also be dependent on marijuana and have anxiety and depression. Serenity Light Recovery has holistic treatment programs in TX. Serenity Light Recovery is a marijuana addiction treatment center Houston, TX residents trust.

What are signs you may need treatment for marijuana addiction?

marijuana addiction treatment center houston txFrequent marijuana use can lead to long-term learning and memory problems according to NIDA. Smoking marijuana for a long time can cause lung problems. Marijuana has also been getting more potent over the past 20 years. The stronger the marijuana, the greater the chance of co-occurring psychological problems, like anxiety and depression, NIDA reports.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that people seeking treatment for marijuana use have used daily for 10 years or more. They’ve also tried to quit at least six times. Addiction combines physical dependency with psychological factors. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, you may need treatment.

What does marijuana addiction treatment include?

Marijuana addiction treatment should help you to stop using marijuana. It should also help you to build a strong recovery plan. Holistic treatment programs should include treatment for co-occurring disorders.

A holistic treatment program for marijuana use can include:

You can also participate in peer support groups while attending treatment. Peer support groups can include 12-step groups. Education can help to build a strong recovery. Serenity Light Recovery provides a peaceful environment where you can recover and heal.

How long can marijuana addiction treatment last?

Your treatment plan for marijuana recovery should be individualized. It should take your history of marijuana treatment into consideration. A holistic treatment plan will also include physical, emotional, and social support. Look for programs that care about you and your family.

Residential marijuana addiction treatment can last 30 days or more. Treatment can extend to 60 or 90 days. You may also participate in intensive outpatient programs (IOP). IOPs can last 10 to 12 weeks. As your recovery continues, you can “step down” in intensity.

Recovery is lifelong. You didn’t become addicted overnight. You can build a strong, healthy sober future one day at a time.

What takes place when you’re being treated for marijuana addiction?

Serenity Light Recovery provides treatment to heal your whole self. You can benefit from group and individual counseling. Evidence-based forms of counseling include dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Taking care of your body with proper nutrition supports your recovery. Other supports include positive sober living activities. Education is another part of your recovery and treatment. If you are spiritual, you can also benefit from faith-based addiction treatment programs.

Sober living activities help you to build confidence. Serenity Light Recovery offers equine (horse) therapy. Other programs include trauma therapy and yoga therapy. Its holistic treatment program TX resident’s trust also includes biofeedback therapy. Your family receives support services, too.

Can you be treated for co-occurring disorders and marijuana addiction?

Anxiety and depression can co-occur with marijuana use disorders. You may also experience other physical and mental health disorders. Serenity Light Recovery’s compassionate and experienced staff combine treatment for other disorders with marijuana addiction treatment. For example, if you’ve experienced trauma, you can receive trauma therapy like EMDR. EMDR uses eye movements with other therapy and can help you to recover from trauma.

Combining behavioral treatment with other structured recovery services can help you become healthier in all ways. You can recover from marijuana addiction. You can heal and live a healthy, sober life. Contact Serenity Light Recovery at 855.658.6109 to begin your recovery today.