If you or someone you love abuse meth, you cannot get meth addiction treatment quickly enough. This deadly drug destroys your body and mind. This means the earlier you get help, the better. But what should you expect of this treatment?

A Mix of Therapies and Methods

man at the meth addiction treatment houston providesMeth addiction treatment requires a variety of therapies, support, and education methods to work effectively. This meth addiction treatment Houston offers takes place in an accredited rehab center addressing these needs through programs that include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Addiction education
  • Behavioral therapies, such as CBT and EMDR
  • Group therapies
  • Family program
  • 12 step program participation
  • Aftercare

In rehab, you must relearn how to function on a daily basis. By living at the facility, you gain safety and security from your network of drug users and connections. You also have 24-hour supervision and support when you need it most.

What Meth Addiction Treatment Houston Offers Works Best?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, meth addiction treatment proves most successful when it includes behavioral therapies. These include CBT and EMDR. You also need 12 step program support, as you heal many relationship wounds and get to know yourself much better through the steps.

Families suffer a great deal during an addiction. This is why you need a meth addiction treatment program offering family therapy and family programs. Of course, when you leave rehab, you need continued support and services in your home community. So aftercare plays a significant role in maintaining your recovery.

Meth changed your life in many negative ways. This means you need to relearn how to cope with life’s daily hurdles and major stress. You also need daily living skills and to regain your self-esteem after months or years of abusing drugs.

Your recovery relies upon many different types of treatment and support. Because of this, you need accredited meth addiction treatment. Only a certified rehab meets the strict standards of the Joint Commission, a third-party evaluator of American rehab facilities. You know a facility is offering meth addiction treatment Houston will work for you if you find the gold seal of accreditation on their website.

Family Plays a Major Role in Your Recovery

Many people overlook the role of the family in your sobriety. But your whole family has suffered in your addiction. They also play a big role in problem behaviors and poor communication that leads to substance abuse and addiction. So your family needs help from meth addiction treatment Houston, too.

In family therapy, the therapist helps your family learn to talk and listen to each other in healthier ways. You work together on ending enabling and codependency. Everyone in the family gains accountability for their words and actions. Where strife existed leading to your addiction, you can enjoy long-term wellness.

Sometimes families do not come back together in good health during rehab. If you suffer lost relationships or bigger problems, you learn to stand confidently on your own. Then when healing can take place, you maintain the good health and positive perspective you need to communicate in healthy ways.

Families often suffer abuse, addiction and other problems. But these do not need to continue to hurt future generations. Instead, time spent in a meth addiction treatment Houston program brings an end to problems that run from generation to generation.

Heal Yourself and Your Family with Serenity Light Recovery

Many people from all over the United States find the accredited Houston addiction treatment programs they need at Serenity Light Recovery. Serenity Light Recovery helps you rebuild your life in hope, positivity and good health.

At Serenity Light Recovery, residential rehab and intensive outpatient program Houston treatment shines a bright light on your better future. Call Serenity Light Recovery now at 855.658.6109 for information about meth addiction treatment and the rest of our substance abuse treatment options.