man during the opiate addiction treatment houston providesOpiate addiction is an issue that is currently plaguing the United States, and many people need opiate addiction treatment Houston can provide. There are many different reasons as to why people develop an addiction to opiates, but they have the same result. Becoming addicted to opiates can destroy a person’s life mentally, physically and socially. With the help of an addiction treatment facility, you can learn how to live a life free from your addiction to this dangerous substance.

Who Needs Opiate Addiction Treatment?

Opiates can take many different forms from various prescription pain medications to illicit drugs like heroin. Depending on the person, the addiction can start in a variety of different ways. Some people begin taking opiates after receiving a prescription from a doctor after an injury or surgery. Others start using opiates as a way to deal with the everyday stresses of life or symptoms of mental illness. Some of the most common forms of opiates include the following substances:

  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • Codeine
  • Methadone
  • Morphine

You need the help of an opiate addiction treatment Houston when you begin to see that you have lost control of your use. There are tens of thousands of people who die each year without getting the help of an opiate addiction treatment program. The reason this happens is that addiction is a disease that doesn’t want you to get better. You may believe that you don’t have a problem because you don’t have a prescription, or you may just feel hopeless.

Regaining Hope at Opiate Addiction Treatment Houston Offers

In opiate addiction treatment Houston, you will have your hope restored as you begin to see that you can get clean and stay clean. In order to get the help of a Houston addiction treatment program, you must admit that you have a problem. It’s important to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that the drugs have now taken control of your life. It’s difficult to surrender to this fact, but an opiate addiction treatment Houston can give you a new lease on life.

At a Houston addiction treatment program, you’ll be in the care of qualified staff who genuinely care about your recovery. You’ll work with doctors, therapists as well as your peers to begin a new life without opiates. In opiate addiction treatment, the peer support you receive is one of the best aspects of recovery because you’re no longer alone. Although your addiction may tell you that nobody understands, you’ll begin to see that’s not the case.

Therapy at a Houston Addiction Treatment Program

At a Houston addiction treatment program, you’ll have the benefit of receiving evidence-based therapy. This means that the therapeutic practices are proven by science to help people like you who are battling an addiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most popular forms of therapy that involves replacing error thinking and behaviors. This is a therapy that helps rewire your brain to take actions and have thoughts that will benefit your overall recovery.

Serenity Light Recovery is a Houston addiction treatment facility that would love to help you begin on your recovery journey. Our mission is to be a beacon of hope and light for our clients, and we treat people of all ages. In our program, you’ll find that you no longer have to use opiates if you don’t want to. We work with different insurance companies as well to provide you as much treatment as you need. Some of the levels of care that we offer here include:

To learn more about Serenity Light Recovery and opiate addiction treatment, reach out today at 855.658.6109. We’re ready to be the beacon of light and hope you need to reach lasting recovery.