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During Mental Illness Awareness Week, the goal is to open up the conversation and talk about this very real, debilitating set of conditions. If you are like many people who have them, you may not be as open about them as you may be with another type of ailment. That can prove to be a bad thing both for you and for those who may also be suffering. At Serenity Light Recovery, we encourage you to use this week as a time to uncover what’s really happening.

When Is Mental Illness Awareness Week 2020?

Every day of every week is a good time to talk about mental health. Mental Illness Awareness Week 2020 takes place from October 4 through October 10. During this week, we want to put a special focus on mental illness, including how often it is not properly diagnosed and treated.

What Can You Do to Support Mental Illness Awareness Week?

During this time, the goal is to raise awareness of those who are living with behavioral health issues or mental health issues. By talking about them and discussing these conditions, it may reduce the stigma for those that have them. That means more people may reach out for the help they need.

What Are Some Signs of Mental Illness?

It’s not uncommon for a person to not know they have a mental illness. Because these conditions are not always talked about as readily as other health problems, most people don’t know what to look for that could point to a loved one struggling with mental illness either. That’s where the concerns really arise. When a person with a mental illness cannot get help, he or she may be at risk for serious and sometimes life-threatening complications.

Consider a few of the most common signs of mental illness:

  • Feelings of sadness or being down when there may not be an obvious reason
  • Mood changes that are frequent and oftentimes extreme (both highs and lows)
  • Tiredness and a lack of energy that is otherwise unexplained
  • Fear and worries that are unfounded and hard to control
  • Reduced ability to concentrate often resulting in frustration

Do you feel like this? Do you know a family member that does? During Mental Illness Awareness Week, focus on what types of challenges you face each day. Whether you are suffering from depression disorder, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, there is help available to you. That help does not come with judgment. It is also a key component of most health insurance plans. That means you can get the help you need to stop feeling like this all of the time.

What Can You Do to Get Help?

Finding help for mental illness starts with recognizing there is a problem. From there, it is important to turn to a trusted and experienced treatment program that can help you. At Serenity Light Recovery, we provide a wide range of resources and tools to help those who are struggling to find a way forward. There’s no risk in contacting our team to learn more. Use this week to reach out for the help you need right now.

We offer a range of treatment programs, including:

During Mental Illness Awareness Week, you may have the ability to reach out for help for yourself or for a loved one that’s struggling.

Take Steps to Reach Out for Help at Serenity Light Recovery

This Mental Illness Awareness Week, take a step towards improving your own needs. Reach out to our team at Serenity Light Recovery to find the support you need. Our team offers comprehensive care that can define your success. Call our team at 855.658.6109 to learn more.