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Seasonal depression, more formally called seasonal affective disorder, is a true type of depression that should not be ignored. It tends to occur when a person feels significant and prolonged sadness. Most often, it occurs during the winter months after the holidays have passed. It can impact the way you see things, feel, and act. If you are dealing with any type of mental health problem, it’s important to get help. Our team at Serenity Light Recovery can support you through depression treatment.

What Is Seasonal Depression?

Some people feel down and sad during the winter months. They may start to feel better when spring blossoms. Why does this happen? There are several reasons it can occur.

  • Lack of vitamin D from the sun can make it hard for your body and brain to function at its best
  • The holidays are over, and you may not think you have much to look forward to
  • Reduced amount of serotonin levels in your body
  • Changes in the sleep-wake cycle due to shortened days
  • Isolation from family and friends due to winter

No matter why it happens, it is important for you to know how to handle it and overcome it. This is a type of mental health disorder. It can get better.

Do You Have Seasonal Depression?

To know if you have seasonal depression, consider what’s occurring. Most people experience significant sadness, feelings of hopelessness, and anxiety during the colder winter months. The key here is whether or not you start to feel better in the spring. If so, you’re likely struggling with seasonal depression.

Many people experiencing this condition will have low energy levels. They may find concentrating hard to do. You may not engage in activities you like to do or may feel as though life is worthless. Some people with seasonal depression also develop thoughts of suicide.

However, many never reach that point of seriousness. If you are struggling, reach out for help. Through depression treatment, you will not have to manage this type of mental health strain on your own. That can make a difference in your quality of life.

What Can Depression Treatment Do for You?

When you feel like this, it is limiting your body’s health and impacting your overall mental health. There is depression treatment that can help you. In this type of treatment, you may need to learn how to change your negative thought patterns, so you don’t go down a negative spiral of thoughts. You may also want to change the way you view things around you.

Some people need medication to help them with hormone or chemical imbalances that can sometimes lead to the onset of depression. Seasonal depression is not something you should put off getting help for because you want it to just go away. Doing so can make suffering for months likely. You can avoid this by reaching out to a professional for help.

When Is Mental Health Treatment Needed?

If you’re experiencing seasonal depression and it does not get better, or you are unsure if it is major depression, reach out to our team at Serenity Light Recovery. We can help you to overcome your mental health disorders with comprehensive care in a positive, uplifting environment. Some of the therapies we offer that could help you include:

Seasonal Depression Help at Serenity Light Recovery

Seasonal depression isn’t something you have to just deal with and overcome. There is help available to you for all of your mental health needs. At Serenity Light Recovery, we provide individuals with depression treatment. Learn more about our programs, how they work, and how you can get support by calling 855.658.6109 today.