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When a person develops an addiction, they may become so dependent on the drugs that they will do everything they can to get them. That includes doctor shopping. If you or a loved one are doctor shopping because of a dependence on prescription drugs, recognize the risks. Then, seek out help. Our team at Serenity Light Recovery can provide you with a drug treatment program to help you stop this from worsening.

What Is Doctor Shopping?

A person with substance abuse, including prescription drug addiction, may find themselves unable to function normally without the drug. Yet, when that substance is controlled by a prescription, it’s hard to gain access to it. They try to go from one doctor to another to access those drugs. This is called doctor shopping. By getting a prescription from multiple doctors, they may extend their access to the drugs.

Why Is This a Bad Thing?

Doctor shopping is an indication of substance abuse. A person is using more of the drug than his or her doctor has prescribed or recommends. Most of the time, this means using more of the drug than is safe to use.

This is common with opioids. These drugs are very effective pain relievers. Sometimes doctors offer them as a treatment for chronic pain and illness. Because they work so well, people tend to use them. Yet, they also create an opioid addiction. Because these drugs have addictive qualities, it can be hard to stop using them even if the pain is longer present.

The problem with opioid abuse is that the body becomes tolerant of the drugs. That means it needs more and more of the drug to get the same effect. You need more than what your prescription provides. Doctor shopping occurs because of this tolerance, and it also puts you at risk of overusing and overdosing.

What Can Be Done About Prescription Drug Addiction?

One of the most challenging aspects of prescription drug addiction is that you may have real pain. Your doctor may have written the prescription for you because needed it. Now, it is overtaking your life. There is help for this type of substance abuse.

Drug detox is often the first step in opioid abuse. This process allows the body to process and remove the opioids from your system. This is the only way to break the dependence your body has on them. We can use medications and treatments to offer some relief to you during this time. You may not have to work through intense withdrawal symptoms during this detox process.

How to Get Help for Prescription Drug Addiction

Are you doctor shopping? Do you find yourself unable to get through the day without access to a specific prescription drug? Is your life impacted by your use? If so, it’s time to get into treatment. Our team can provide a plan to help you that includes the right type and level of care for your needs. This may begin with prescription drug detox. It often includes residential treatment programs.

During your time with us, you’ll also gain access to therapies that can help you to overcome your addiction more fully. This includes care programs such as:

You’ll be in a safe place that’s drug-free as you work through your addiction. For many, this is the best first step forward.

Find the Treatment You Need at Serenity Light Recovery

Doctor shopping is worrisome. Instead of finding a new source for the drugs you crave, it’s time to seek out help for opioid abuse. Our team at Serenity Light Recovery can provide you with the resources you need. It does not matter how you got here. Call us today at 855.658.6109 to find a better path forward.