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Drug and alcohol addiction takes a lot from you. One of the ways it negatively impacts your life is by breaking your connection to other people and the world around you. Addiction causes you to focus on one thing: using. Exploring your spirituality in recovery can help you put your life back together, including finding your place in the world.

What If I’m Not Religious?

Some people see the word “spiritual” and instantly associate it with a specific faith. However, spirituality in recovery doesn’t have to mean practicing a certain faith.

Religion and spirituality don’t mean the same thing. While religion may include a set of beliefs and rituals, spirituality is a much broader way of thinking about the universe and your place in it. Being spiritual is more about your connection to others, including all living creatures, as well as your connection to the planet.

Some people rely heavily on their faith in recovery, but if you’re more a spiritual person, you can still find comfort in that as you overcome addiction.

The Benefits of Spirituality in Recovery

What concepts does spirituality embrace? It gives you the chance to forge connections and to grow into a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. Drug and alcohol addiction robs you of all of those opportunities.

Whether the higher power you rely on is God or another being, getting in touch with your spiritual side as you overcome addiction can help you.

Benefits of exploring spirituality in recovery include:

  • Putting your faith in a power greater than yourself
  • Feeling connected to the greater world around you
  • Finding meaning and purpose to your life
  • Providing a sense of hope
  • Being more present and mindful

If you’re comfortable with faith based recovery programs, you should seek those out. For those who just want a more general, spiritual treatment plan, they’re available as well. Choose addiction treatment that meets your needs on every level—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

To connect with your spiritual self, you can pray or meditate. You can also experience spirituality in a quiet walk through the woods or swimming in the ocean. What matters most is that you explore your spirituality in a way that’s most comfortable and fulfilling for you.

A Beacon of Hope and Light through Spirituality in Recovery

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